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One more event still pending in 2020 that will also affect many countries around the globe, the USA presidential election. It will more likely to be happened in November, 2020. In US elections. Mostly Americans  consider these issues during voting like international relations, Racism, US trade & economy condition, American involvement in Geopolitics and current relations with it's old allies etc.
Indian people also interested in United States elections and election result will decide the future of Indo-US relations.

Some context which will be effect by US elections and its impact on India-

US-China trade war:-
This trade war started since march 2018, when president Trump announced an additional tarrifs on the Chinese import aluminium and steel and resultant price went up for US consumers. US have very high fiscal deficit with china and it's approx $600 billion, it's not good for any self reliant economy. We all know about Trump ambitions about 'America first' policy after Introduced reservation bill for Americans in local companies and changed visa policies.
Many expert had anticipated that India could be a winner in US-China trade war and maybe India displace 200-300 Chinese goods in US market by year 2022 like rubber, carpets, graphite product, ore, Al etc. In the first half of 2019 India gained $800 million additional export to US in chemicals, metals and ore sector and this was clearly impact of US-China trade conflict. Result of trade war, in financial year 2019-20 US surpassed china as leading economic partner of India. Indian export to US exacerbate by 9.46% to $52.4 bn in 2019.
After Covid-19 pandemic, trade war more strengthening and president trump directly blamed china for Corona virus spread(Chines virus) and economic losses due to it. If Donald trump elected for second tenure then it will more harmful for China's ambitions in south china sea and Chinese exports too.

Other side, Democratic candidate Joe Biden have direct connections to China and personal benefits. He took his son Hunter Biden to Beijing in 2013 when he was the vice president of America. Hunter's company became a partner with 'New Bank of China' backed investment company and he raised more than $1.5 billion. Democratic leaders always adopted soft policy for china as we can saw 8 years tenure of Barak Obama and Joe Biden was vice- president during Obama term. That's the reason behind China's open campaigning for Joe Biden and supporting Democrats.
If Joe Biden won the election then sanctions will be removed from Chinese companies and exports. That will definitely not be good for Indian manufacturer and economy.

US-Russia relations:- 
During last election of America many American intelligent agencies questioned Russian govt for interrupt in US internal matters and help Donald trump to won the white house race.
Now US facing same problem from Russian, Chinese and Iranian agencies. They helping particular  party and running false news on social media to influence voters for their personal agendas.
Trump's foreign policy for Russia is not as strict as Democrats were against Russia. Trump also gave relaxation to India for buying S-400 defense system, fighter aircraft and many other defense deals. 
If the democrats won the election then maybe US impose restrictions on Russia and it's allies like India. After that Russia will totally depends on China for economic supports and it's not good sign for India and India-Russia relations.

Iran-US relations:- 
After the US-Iran Nuclear deal been scrapped, India continuously facing problem to develop Chahbar port and railway project. Indian govt waited since 2016 for relaxation in Chahbar project but white house continuously extend it's restriction on Iran and resultant Iran became totally depends on china for economic backup ($400 billion china Invested in Iran). Iranian currency continue falling down so Iran finally decided to change it's currency rial to Toman which is equal to 10,000 rials. If Donald trump come for second term then maybe economic sanctions will continue. If US-Iran agreed for deal then only India can proceed in Chahbar port project but this deal rarely possible because Iranian govt issued fund for Nuclear test and China also helping in it. US-Israel Air-force air-striked  Nuclear plant 3-4 times to full stop on Nuclear programme of Iran.

Tibet, Hong Kong and Uygher Muslim issue:- 
  • Few days ago US congress member introduce a bill to declare Tibet as an Independent country. Trump govt already declare $100 million fund for Central Tibetan Administration(CTA) based in India. In response Chinese govt said to New Delhi and Washington that don't interfere in our personal issues. In other case, as per record of democratic govt, they never condemn CCP govt and PLA officers for torturing and massacre of Tibetan monk and civilians. 
  • After Chinese government introduce new National Security Law(NSL) in Hong Kong, many countries leaders and international organisation condemn this step. Trump govt introduced Hong Kong human right bill after this incident. China has ended the independence of Hong Kong and China has put own puppet government there. Countries like Australia, UK and New Zealand cancelled trade agreement with Hong Kong which gave tarrif relaxation to Hong Kong companies and via this route many Chinese companies get tarrif relaxations or  other benefits in these relative country and used Hong Kong as shield to avoid many countries suspensions.
  • Joe Biden team never support Hong Kong as a state and never raise Uygher Muslims issue in congress against Chinese communist party whereas US allies tried to embarrass china on international organizations. 
Pak-US relations:-In Obama's period, the far-flung ($15 bn annually)fund had started reducing to Pakistan, but Trump's government had finished it as soon as it came. Because development fund spending in funding terrorists groups, defense acquisition and clear Chinese loan installments. After the Trump govt came in power US- Pak relations continue declined and that was good for India. while Democratic party always support Pakistan on international organizations instead India. 

Kashmir issue- Joe Biden already said that he will bring bill against India for change the status of Jammu & Kashmir by scrapped article 370. According to him CAA and NRC bills are against a special community. His first choice for vice president post Kamala Harris (she is Indo-African american women and in america approx 13.5% voter belongs to American-African community) and her friend purposed a bill in US congress against India after the abrogation of article 370. According to her, current Indian govt doing atrocity with minority in India and abolished rights of Jammu & Kashmir people but every Indians knew that this is not right.

Kamala Harris-
Kamala Harris revealed her support to Pakistan on the various international organisations instead India. Sources says that Joe Biden is not pro actives person (Joe biden is now 77 and if he won election then he will become president at 78 then Biden would be the oldest president ever) so may be she will be the next Dick Cheney (he was the vice president during Jeorge Bush period and Dick Cheney was america's most powerful vice-president ever) of America.Vice president also the president of the Senate so it's quit worrying situation for India. 
She will be chief policy maker of America because Joe biden facing congnitive ability problem and she will become the next Dick Cheney.

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