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China's first present and CCP founder Mao Zedong declare china as 'People's Republic of China' in October 1949. In 1950's Mao Zedong Described Tibet as the right hand palm of china while Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Arunachal Pradesh are five fingers. This was syllabus of student books in china in 1950's, still CCP leaders and Chinese diplomats talk about it many times in media. After 1939, Mao Zedong started to talk about revenge of "Century of humiliation" to Chinese people.

Chinese top leader stated that it is China's responsibility to Liberate these regions from other states.

Chinese leaders realized that they have shortage of water in western and northern area. 90% Chinese population living in south-eastern region, after sometime they will face shortage of drinkable and agriculture water in both regions so decided to capture Himalayan region which is source of water in south Asia. Most of Chinese river came from Himalaya through  Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim region so if Nepal and India block water by dams then it will create big problem so finally they planned "Five fingers and plam" strategy. Another benefits is that Tibet, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal regions have quality agriculture land and full of water resources. Also those areas give military advantage in war with India

Map: Shown china's rivers flow direction and population density

In 1950China annexed Tibet, did genocide of Tibetan monks and residents by Chinese People Libration Army(PLA). after that Chinese officers who were deployed in Tibet talked many times about Tibet's five fingers on Radio and speeches to assure Tibetan people that these five territories are also part of Tibet, these will be merged in Tibet. 

Before Tibet and Xinxiang annexation china not share border with India.Total area of Tibet and Xinxiang region is more than doubled of origin Chinese area, and china became fourth largest country by area. Tibet is most resource-rice area in Himalayan region. Now Xi trying to complete Mao's imperialist vision. 

Finger 1(Ladakh) :- In 1950's China occupied a "Switzerland-sized" Aksai Kashmir region and built a road from Tibet to JingJiang region through Ladakh. Sino-India war helped china gain more territory in Ladkh in 1962. In 2009 again small scale incursions in Ladakh region and recently push into Galwan velly and Pangong lake.

Finger 2(Nepal) :- Nepal was under british india since 1816. Nepal has drifting away from india and close to china after it came under Nepal communist party from last election held, according to sources CCP funded their election campaign. After that Chinese govt continuously increasing political influence in Nepali govt. it's trying to destroy all relations with India and creating new territorial dispute with India in supervising of CCP. Recently Nepal agriculture department report reveals that china encroached farmers land in Northern territory of Nepal and trying to change flow of rivers.

Finger 3(Sikkim):-Sikkim was Independent kingdom before 1950 which ruled by Buddist priest Chogyal but it was a princely state of British India since 1890. In 1950, it's became a Indian Protectorate and in 1975 become a state of India. In 2003 finally china recognized Sikkim as an Indian state, on condition that India officially recognize Tibet as a part of china. Again in 2017, china started Border clashes at Doklam for 73 days.

Finger 4(Bhutan):- Doklam plateau already claimed by china since 2017 after Doklam incident at intersection of all three Bhutan,Tibet and Sikkim. Recently June 2020, during UNDP virtual summit china blocked funding activities of Bhutan's Sakteng sanctuary in eastern Bhutan region. After that incident Bhutan denied claims, protested against Chinese move then Beijing  doubled down it's claim. Claimed area directly not share any border with china. China claimed 11% total area of Bhutan. 

Finger 5(Arunachal Pradesh):- After war of 1962 china and Taiwan both claimed on it. In 2006, Chinese ambassador to India directly claimed  'Arunachal Pradesh is part of Chinese territory'. In UNDP summit Chinese claim on Bhutan territory was also indirect warning to India about Arunachal Pradesh.

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