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From 5 May 2020 Indian army is facing a stand-off with PLA across LAC which was started initial from Pangong TSO lake, after that PLA opened various fronts in a single time. After the Doklam incident various strategic experts called  "India's victory over dragon". Countries like US, Japan saw India as a strong strategic partner to counter China in South Asian region. India can counter chinese aggression with the help of US, japan, Vietnam and Taiwan in south china sea and Indo-pacific region. India can help strategically and militarily to Taiwan. India have large military power with a fast growing economy but drawback is that Indian foreign policy was  always defensive, India never play offensive against China.

India never want direct war with china in military and Economically both way so India always tries to play in safe zone, India always find a diplomatic solution to Chinese aggression by giving concessions to Chinese border incursions in legitimate Indian territory and refraining from openly speaking about Chinese land grab which encourages the Chinese strategy of slowly and steadily advancing their border claims. So far none of the Indian government policies against China at LAC seems to work  and its high time that India should drop its hesitation in engaging with China on fronts where china hurts the most.

 Anti-china stand and aggression raise continuously in India and people wants retaliation for martyred soldiers.

As it stands, India has multiple options to deal with belligerent china even as many of them have not yet been put to use effectively so far:-

  • Hit Chinese Economy- From 2018, US-China trade war to till Galwan valley incident India plays a balancing act between Washington and Beijing  and also after threats from  US, New Delhi continuous normal relation with Beijing.

          Chinese economy totally depends on export and India import $74 billion product in year 2019                and export only $18 billion, We face $56 billion trade deficit so India should cut in imports of                 Chinese product as soon as possible, recently govt banned 59 social media companies and also                Chinese firms in contracts based working and similarly canceled many previous contract with                various companies. Govt Announced 20 lakh crore package for Aatamnirbhar bharat Abhiyaan                which can help to reduce Import.

  • India should stand with Hong Kong- China forcefully imposes national security law(NSL) in order to clamp-down peaceful democratic demonstrations of Hong Kong. Currently India is a Non-permanent member of UNSC so India can introduce a bill with support of countries like UK, US, Australia, EU regarding Hong Kong for curbing fundamental right. India govt. can indirectly support Hong Kong by issue a statement in favor of peaceful solution in favor of people of  Hong Kong .
  • India could introduced a resolution In World health Assembly( currently India leading this assembly) to call for investigation against China for hiding information about pandemic like Covid-19 and demanding a probe for possibility of creating and weaponizing virus & pay for economic losses of all world.

          India can use Anti-Communist party atmosphere in china for initial investigation, According to              many Chinese people CCP hidden many things related to corona virus. This is the only reason                for corona spread in whole world.

  • Tibet and Dalai Lama-Till date India never play on front-foot against China. Now time has come for it, because china couldn't understand  language of friends. Recently US govt start funding to Central Tibetan administration(CTA) based in India and introduced a bill in US Congress to declare Tibet as an Independent country, similarly  India must have to take stand with Tibet, from 1962 not even singe country spoke against china for illegal Tibet occupation and killed Buddhist monk and civilian in Tibetan area.
  • Fight in south china sea and Indo-pacific region- US navy continuously increase presence in south china sea  and create bases in Indo-pacific region. India is a member of QUAD group so India also can increase navy presence in south china sea with QUAD nations and increase naval exercise and drills. 
  • India also can raise voice against china for torturing Uighur Muslims and end their human rights.
  • Improving relation with china's neighbors :-India should try to improve relations with enemy's neighbors like Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bhutan, Philippines etc. India must have to provide every  help if possible and increase economic and strategic partnership. Countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia are interested in Indian defense equipment like BrahMos missile , Arjun tank, radar systems, Naval ships and Submarines so give them fast delivery with less price so they can afford.
  • India need to more invest in Diamond necklace strategy and boost infrastructure build up because china is  Investing more than $500 billion in BRI and CPEC, India need to invite developed countries like Japan, US, Russia, Australia, UK etc because India can't counter alone BRI and CPEC. Because of Corona India had economic losses it will slowdown Infrastructure project for next one years.
  • Increasing nuclear cooperation with china's neighbors:-  Its high time that India should beat china in it's own game.China has provided nuclear weapon to Pakistan to checkmate India and keep us busy on our western borders.This strategy of china seems worked very effectively as most of India defense preparedness is targeted towards Pakistan,  keeping India vulnerable to Chinese aggression. 
          India should do the same with china by increasing nuclear cooperation with its neighbors like                 Vietnam and others who are willing to have deepen nuclear cooperation with India. Hostile                     neighbors armed with nuclear weapons will force china to shift away its focus from Himalayan               borders and strengthen India 's position in diplomatic negotiations. 

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