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'Jio' the Indian leading telecom company after highly success in telecommunication sector, now expanding it's arms to capture other India's top economic sectors like E-commerce, textile, Food delivery, online grocery(Jio-mart), Gaming and mobile applications, Mobile manufacturing sector(Jio-Google), Entertainment( music and film production), online meeting platform(Jio-meet), Digital payment(Jio-money), News channels (News18 group & Jio-news), TV channel(Colors group), chemical Industry etc. This step will give Jio Reliance control on everything in India in 2-3 years. It's not a good sign for any democratic country. If a particular company create monopoly in various sectors then that day will be last day of democracy. After became supreme leader in internet provider now creating monopoly in digital services which are using through internet. 

After Anti-china stand continue raising in India, Reliance growth is unprecedented. Few week ago Reliance announced "Indigenous 5G technology and it's totally free from Chinese equipment" during Reliance annual meet after that reliance market cap continue increasing and Mukesh Ambani became world 4th richest person. Reliance getting many foreign direct and Indirect Investment offer from global companies like Google invested $4.5 bn, facebook's $5.7 bn and Microsoft's $2 bn in Reliance Jio. Another large $10 bn  Investment came through Saudi arabia and UAE venture funds. Reliance has raised total $22 bn by selling it's 32% total equity stake in Reliance-Jio. After all these large investment and Share value increment, "Jio's cleared all major debt according" stated by Mukesh Ambani. 

From August 2019, Reliance and world largest company Saudi Aramco trying to finalize their deal of 20% stake in reliance flagship chemical and petroleum business in worth $15 billion.

In just last 4 years Jio become India's top leading telecom Co & network provider. It's have 390 million subscribers with 35% market share, as prediction it will capture 45% share in telecom sector by fiscal year 2021-22. It's all of because Reliance Jio used capital of it's parent reliance Oil & gas. Assume what can be impossible for Jio when it having world's top tech partners with highest market value company after TCS in India.

Jio competitors continue loosing their customers as well as facing debt clearance warning from banks. yet govt not announced any emergency package or relief fund for telecom sector. Bharti airtel and Voda-idea fighting in supreme court against telecom ministry and Banks for relaxations in debt installments. If Govt not announced any package then maybe Jio monopoly come in telecom sector of India because Jio competitors can't afford expensive Nokia and Ericsion 5G equipment in present financial condition. According to Voda-Idea chairman "without relaxation company can't survive more than 6 month in this situation". After Huwaei get banned for 5G spectrum contract in India. Jio developed 5G technology with the help of Samsung electronics.

As per the record of reliance industries, it never developed any technology in telecom sector whereas it purchased 4G technology from Samsung(south korea) similarly reliance petroleum always used import equipment. It's quit surprising and shocking that reliance claim that Jio developed 'indigenous 5G technology', its maybe Samsung developed 5G technology because Jio-samsung partnered for stabalish 5G infrastructure in India.

Reliance Chemicals already wipe out competitors. After Reliance- Saudi Aramco deal reliance oil&gas will easily wipe competitors in gas and petroleum sector, Govt doing it easy task for reliance by selling stake of energy companies like IOCL, HP and Bharat Petroleum.

In early 2021, Jio-google smartphone will available in market. Microsoft-Jio deal signed for Software and mobile application development already done. Facebook and Reliance-Jio are working on india's largest data cloud storage and mobile application development.

Reliance philosophy is simple that first clear the competition through providing free services or under-pricing even if getting loss. once competitors fall down, price can be increases or service quality can be down and gain profit .This is reliance test and tried universal policy. This strategy need large investments, regulators and backing through govt which was provided by NDA and UPA both govt.

why Global tech Investing in Reliance:- During the covid-19 pandemic, Internet importance for people consistently increasing as business, study, shopping,consumers, sellers everyone connecting through internet and digital platforms that's everything controlled by Reliance-Jio in India that's why global tech firms are lining up to get partnership with giant Reliance-Jio.


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