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Salami slicing technique is utilized by Chinese govt to gobble up & annexing it's neighbors land or territory in a planned, methodical manner over a period of time.In which method they annex small area or territory after that go on next territory. this method continue till not occupy whole state by china. because china know very well, no country want to go in direct war for a small land dispute.
The salami slicing of Indian and Tibetan territory is as under:-
  • Gobble up Tibet in 1959
  • Annex and occupy Aksai Kashmir in 1962
  • Occupy Karakorum in 1963
  • Occupy Tien pyongnik in 2008
  • Carry out incursion in Samdorangchu in 1987
  • Occupy Rocky nala in 2012
  • Invasion in Doklam in 2017
  • Incursion in Galwan valley in 2020
It has expansionist and hegemonistic designs. It is pursuing the policy of expansionist nationalism which was given by CCP founder Mao Zedong.
China claims one third territory of Bhutan and 45% territory of Tajikistan. It has got territorial dispute in South China Sea for many Islands with it's neighbours. 
As on date it poses a grave threat to the small independent, sovereign nations like Bhutan, Nepal, Tajikistan and recently claim Russian state's poses a serious challenge to democratic values of Freedom, liberty, Equality, free enterprise and human dignity.

Territories claimed by Chinese Cummunist Party(CCP) :-
1. Ladakh, India 2. Arunachal pradesh, India 3. Sikkim, India 4. Bhutan 5. Pamir mountain area, Tajikistan 6.Vladivostok, Russia 7. Senkaku islands, Japan 8.Woody(Paracel) Islands, Vietnam
9. Spartly Islands (Tiewan, china, Philippines , Indonesia, Vietnam)
Image: china claiming Land in total 18 territories 

Chinese tactics which were used by PLA for Occupying territories-
Tactic 1- China never claim directly whole state, first they invade a small area and after that they will set up their military equipments and built permanent military posts. After that they call for bilateral meet with related country and behave like they not did anything. In press and international organisation meetings shows like China is only country who try to maintain peace in the region. China created that land area as disputed area in eyes of other countries. After that PLA going on next territory occupation.
Land which is a territory of state, now it's a declared as disputed land in various organisations like UN, IMF, World bank etc. After that related state will never get any funding for large projects from international organisations.
Tactics 2- Many times china direct claim on large area of respective country like china did in Tajikistan's which is 45% of total area of Tajikistan which claimed by china. according to china Pamir mountain area belonged to our forefather from hundreds of the years. 
In case of india, china claims on many Indian states Arunanchal pradesh, Sikkim ,Ladakh and Aksai Kashmir.

Tactics 3- In south china sea and Sea of japan, china follow another tactics.In some cases china directly claims on particular Islands which are strategically important. Other cases china improve fishing activities and navy patrolling near any Island and some years later china claim that this is our area and we are using or control it from centuries.
Tactics 4- In international waters, china building many artificial island in south china sea for claiming nearby area. after that china can start sea mining for finding rare earth minerals. China also developing military bases there for nuclear missile deployment and after that china can claim easily nearby island of other states.

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