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Pak ministers think it is a strategically placed country and created to guard all Muslims and Muslim countries, conquer and establish Caliphate, set up a unites states of Islam ranging from Morocco to Indonesia all under the umbrella of the only nuclear powered Islamic country called Pakistan.

The story being so, Pakistani foreign minister some days back warned Saudi Arabia to support and raise Kashmir issue in UN along with other oil producing countries and call for emergency meeting of Organisation of Islamic Countries(OIC) for action against India. Otherwise Pakistan will formed another block without Arabs( he meant Pakistan will form a block with Turkey Iran and Malaysia and china). 

Recently, Pakistan's FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi slammed Saudi Arabia for not interfering in Kashmir issue.

  • Since,the abrogation of Article 370 in J&K by India on August 5, 2019, Pakistan is putting its heart & soul to raise this issue on all international platforms & trying to obtain the support by it's allies.
  • Recently,Pakistan wanted Saudi Arabia to call the emergency meeting of the foreign Ministers of all 57 countries of OIC(organization of Islamic countries),which was denied.
  • Pakistan wanted Saudi Arabia & other Islamic countries to raise Kashmir issue to great level. Saudi Arabia didn't do it, except passing some balanced statements about Kashmir human rights violation and Delhi riots.
  • Pakistan claims genocide in Kashmir. Its false claims have without roots. So,Saudi Arabia & UAE left Pakistan alone about Kashmir issue.
  • Recently, In frustration, Pakistan FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that “PM Imran Khan must initiate to form a separate organization of Islamic countries.
  • He said PM Imran Khan must call the meeting of Islamic countries himself.
  • This statement was insult of OIC leadership itself so eventually UAE and Saudi Arabia angered.

2). Increasing closeness of Pakistan with Turkey-

  • Saudi Arabia & Turkey are enemies for decades.
  • Recently,Saudi Arabia allegedly pressurized it's merchants for not doing business with Turkey but Pakistan continuously increase defense and commercial relation with it.

In November 2018, Saudi Arabia had announced a package of $6.2 bn to Pakistan.

This package had two parts -$3.2 bn for fiscal oil aid + $3 bn for Pakistan's foreign reserve.

That statement was an insult of OIC leadership itself so eventually UAE and Saudi Arabia angered so he demanded that Pakistan should return $1 bn immediately with interest and rest $2 bn in the next phase. Saudi Arabia has been stopped the oil supply to Pakistan with immediate effect, which was on concessional rates and on soft terms.

This is the high headed utter talks of these Pakistanis when their country is undergoing financial crisis, suffering because of Covid-19, internal turbulence, CPEC getting the beating, China slowly creeping into the country, was it necessary ? 

Their own party leaders are blaming the government for it, along side people are fighting for daily needs like food, water and employment.

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