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China build-up massive military structure near LAC and Himalyan region since 1950. After 2000 indian decided to build infrastucture for military movement in war situation like roads, bridge and tunnels for military support in border area but due to lack of fund and resources India couldn't speed up it. now situation has changed india became large economy and getting technical support from nations like European countries and america and Israel for construction of hilly bridges, roads in Icy terrains and tunnels in mountain areas.

For border area development a organisation work, named Border Roads Organisation(BRO). this organisation work under the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) and it's directly centrally sponsored Organisation. For boost Border area infrastructure Govt has took decision to spend 10% fund on the states which directly share border with China like Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim etc on immediate basis.
China continuously raising concerns though it's mouth peices media houses about India's roads and transport network building programme near border area with china. but India ignore it and continuously building new bridges and roads.
Indian railways and BRO constructed many strategic bridges (mostly bridges are all weather) like in difficult terrain and on rivers.

BRO Constructed Bridges in last one year-
1. Ujh and Basantar Bridges(Jammu and Kashmir)- Ujh bridge (1000 meter- long) bridge in Kathua district and Basantar bridge (617.4 meter long) in Samba district of Jammu and kashmir UT. Both bridges are near the International border with Pakistan. These bridges built by BRO during weather vagaries and Pakistani shelling.

2. Col Chewang Rinchen Setu(Ladakh)- This bridge is highest altitude bridge in India with all weather working capability. This Setu constructed on Shyok river ( this river known as River of death and it's a important tributriy of Indus river) and it's 400 meter long bridge with approx 15,000 feet altitude. This bridge will connect ladakh district with all other interior area of J&K. 
It will be helpful in strengthening security forces through border security management in border areas near china, such as Akai Kashmir because its just 45 km away from Indo-china border.
During inauguration of this bridge announced that Siachen will open for tourism which was closed for 35 years ago( for tourism and civilian). Siachen Glacier is the world highest battlefield. 

3. Sesseri River Bridge(Arunachal Pradesh)- This bridge located at lower Dibang valley in Arunachal Pradesh on Sikang river and it's about 200 meter long. it's connect Dibang valley and Saing.

4. Daporijo Bridge(Arunachal Pradesh)-This bridge built on Subansiri river(largest tributary of Brahmaputra river) and completed in record 27 days by BRO. It's very near the Line of Actual control so it's strategically also very important for military. Maximum capacity of this bridge is 40 tonne.

5. Tawangchu Bridge( Arunachal Pradesh)- This bridge 50 m long over the Tawang Chhu river in Tawang district. It's very strategically located bridge near the McMahon line so Army and civilian can quickly move towards the border line from this bridge.

Indian railway bridges-
1. Chenab Bridge( J&K)- This is an Arch bridge which built on Chenab river between Bakkal and Kauri villeges in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir union territory of India. This is the world highest Rail bridge with 359 meter height.

Some Important bridges near Indo-china border which Constructed by BRO-

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